How long would I have to wait
Or should I just keep quiet
And allow you to find the answer to this war that you are currently embarking on…
Hours turn into days
Days turn into weeks
Weeks turn into months
Months turn into years
And every time that I feel like I am close
There’s always something that pulls me back a 1000 steps
I feel like future has endless possibilities
Only you and I can jump into the forbidden ocean
To see what we can do just the two of us
With my hand held out to you
I feel like I want to show you moral support
But it’s not enough
I stare into your eyes
The tears start coming up of nowhere
I’m not sure if I hold treat them like an elastic band
Maybe you see this as a crazy
But there are some days where I wish you could see things through my eyes
I feel alone
The world has turned against me
Like an unexpected storm
I didn’t see it coming
There are days where I feel like leaving the ring
And ripping all the dreams off the walls
My heart is on the line
And clearly only I understand how much this victory means to me
I’m scared
Cause every thing is hanging on a thread
In a blink of an eye
I could lose everything
Or win this war

The Answer Deep Within…

I don’t have anyone in my corner
No one to back me up
And say that they see what I see in you
Johannesburg to Durban is far
I feel like a loner
But I can’t go through with it anymore
Making this deal that I promise my heart
The happiness was real
The love is genuine
Yes, you can can say it’s true
With all the takes that I have wasted
Know that I tried
To recreate our story with a different character
But I can’t
Maybe I’m failure
It was draining
As I experienced all those episodes
Everyone just watched as I fought for my life
But very few people helped me
No one got to core
I needed you
And this time is was real
With my life hanging on a thread
I knew it could go either way
Back to drawing board
I see that I’m out of ideas
And time is clearly not on my side
As the sand moves down to the bottom of the hourglass
I realized that my projected time has come to an end
No matter how many times I try to shoot my shot
The ultimate question is will I score or will I fail to shoot through the hop
Through the net
Will I be able to pass through all the defenders that are defending your heart
Will you give me a chance once I have broken through the walls where you hide your reflection??
The chains have broken
And the cage is unlocked
You can choose to leave me alone
Or fight this war with me
Heads Or Tails
Only you know how the story goes…


A Moment Of Reflection…

I need a moment alone to get myself together
To think about everything that happened
Sitting on this rock
And staring at this unforgettable view
My mind flashbacks to the day I met you
I don’t know why
But I can’t seem to find a way to make it go away
You can call me crazy
A psychic for being so crazy
But you don’t understand how I feel
If you could take a moment in my shoes
Take my heart
And put it in your chest
You would understand the beat that my organ makes when you around
Your voice sounds like a beautiful melody
I want to listen to on repeat
Tears roll down my face
I wish you could see yourself the way I truly see you
Realize that this love is genuine and real
Not based on just looks
But on the beauty that’s within
Staring at your reflection with my mirror
They would highlight the bad about you
But I would look past that
Unknown voices would say to walk away
But no one knows how I feel about you
The Mystery Man in the distance
Just open your heart
And accept the unspoken truth
How much love I have for you…
Take the moment to walk this road with me
Cover me up from silver bullets
And me and you would be good…

Words That I Cannot Tell you In Person…

I wish I could love this place again
And find a reason to stay
Move from one city to another
Seek stability and happiness
Get the comfort when I need most
Feel the warmth of the beautiful sun
Take in the air of the wonderful sea
Surrounded by a million bad comments
I wish you could take a moment in my shoes
Feel the type of emotions that I’ve been forced to bottle
Maybe you would understand why I have been wearing a mask
Defending you and our love has been hard
As I count days to you disappointing me
I can’t imagine life without you
But clearly it’s becoming more difficult to think about walking away for good
As they illustrate their version of Mister Perfect
I know that I am in love with image that stands right in front of me
Tears rolling down my face
I wish you could fight for me just like I’m fighting for you…
In this ring alone
My mind starts rewind to where it all started
Memories start flashing right before eyes
All I could see is the way you looked at me that day when we first met
The way you held my hand so that I could not walk away from you
As the car came racing down the road
You held my waist to pull me out of the street
And I felt protected being so close to you
We took a walk to the bar
You held my hand
With our fingers intertwined
You gave me a reason to love this place that I called home
I guess needed you to see me the way you saw me when we first met
Three special words
Every single time that I’ve said it I meant it
But now….
It’s deep and I wish you could say something…

Untitled Poem

I wish that you could take a second in my shoes
Look at things from my perspective
For once in your life just understand how I feel
You know my story
From the moment I came into the world
The people that I met
Some that I lost along the way
The people that have used me
My feelings for you are genuine
And it’s not like it’s the first time your heart is capturing such valuable information
I’ve got a bunch of incomplete pictures
Like a puzzle
I’ve tried to put them together through the eyes of someone else
But I can’t sit here
And deny this spoken truth
Constantly reprimanded for telling a lie
I’ve done my time
In the confined space of the heart
Spending a year without having to speak to you
My heart had a wound that only you could heal
Mystery Man in the distance
The love between us is an instant
You complete me
And you just become the missing piece in my heart
Six guys can enter the room
Three on either side
A red carpet is roll out for you
With a crown on your head
You have a special place reserved in my heart
And I want you to be to take your place
Stay for a while
Or for a lifetime
But between you and I
Living in a world surrounded by black and white
I want you to be the color
And love me unconditionally

Unexpected Turn Of Events…

I’m in love with you
But I know that you don’t want anything to do with love
I’m really interested in you…
But I’m not the most perfect person
What do you mean??
I love your smile
That I would travel a mile just to see you
Like whenever I’m with you
I get butterflies in my stomach literally
I love your personality
Like you are just this amazing gentleman that treats people like the most important people
You make the word trust seem like a small thing
Two years and half of an amazing friendship
I have truly love every moment with you
Loving you from a distance has made me strong
Being in your arms feels like a net of protection
Meeting you changed my life
Tiny kisses on your lips
Telling you how much I truly appreciate you
A moment alone with you is all I need
Loving every part of your life
Your body
Your soul…
Walking into my life
You carried a bright light
And by all your might you had my back
I want to hold your hand through every moment of your life
With our fingers intertwined
I promise to never let you go
With a permanent ink
You graffiti your name on my heart
Art became your level of expertise
You literally took my breath away
Left me speechless
Everyday was a learning experience
You became my favorite subject
I want to go through the storm with you
Always cheer you up when you feel down and out
Be your motivation when you feel like giving up
Pray for you when you’re scared
Be that girl you are proud to have by your side… 👑

Untitled Poem

One long text message
But no response
I realize that maybe I’m talking to myself…
Clearly I am losing it
And a lack sleep is making it worse
As I found myself all cried out
My heart torn into a billion little pieces
I don’t know if I can do this anymore
Proving to you that I’m strong woman
Maybe you don’t notice me
We have a history
And clearly you don’t want it to repeat itself
With your heart on lock down
I don’t have the access code to it
All I ask me to walk away
But I don’t know if I want to do it
I’m a disobedient soul
It happens to be for a special reason
I stare at you from a distance
Smiling to myself
Memories of what we shared begin to resurface
I’m not sure if I want to walk away
Seeing the moon shining brightly through the night
I realized that the sky never stopped believing that someday it would see it shine
Holding my hands
With our fingers intertwined
I don’t want you to let go
Making room for some disappointment
I’m hoping that you would not let me down
Like the people in my past life
I’m not ready to lose you
As we found standing in room full of people
I remember that I was once that girl cheering for you in front
But I found a way to move to the back of the crowd
Hoping that you would notice I managed to sneak out of the door
With no note to say goodbye
Dark clouds surrounded my heart
I feel the storm coming
As two lovers are apart
The clouds are crying on their behalf…
And I guess I don’t know if I can say goodbye