The Tided That Turned…

We had a life filled with sunny skies
Sunshine all day
It is still new
But it felt right
Completely honest about everything
And anything
Laughing about everything and anything
Experiencing only the rains
Hurting our hearts for a little while
But the next day we buried our problems
Hiding our feelings behind a mask
Feeling the need to apologize even when it was never my fault
It became really had to express ourselves when needed
Vulnerability was seen as being completely weak
Opening your soul
Telling me your deepest sincere fears
But I found it really attractive
Crossing fingers that we going to make it
Worrying about you
But you completely shut my feelings down
Like switch
Being inconsiderate of a girl’s pure intentions
I felt like I was never enough
Eyes closed tightly by a blindfold
Ears blocked up by words that I choose to believe about you
I wasn’t sure whether the direction I’ve embarked on was right
Things were not necessarily the same
Seeing less of you
Feeling that things are not necessarily the same as they used to be
The sky turned dark grey
Clouds gathered together
An unexpected storm on the horizon
A loud bang sounding like lighting
Things were no longer the same
Calling out your name
But there was no one there
Except an echo that bounced back at me