Dream Prisoner

She’s never been enough
Needing time to find herself
And her place in the world
Comparing her journey to everyone else
Thinking that she’s supposed to bloom out when they want her to
But she’s still in her cacoon
Working so hard to be someone they would be proud off
Confused about who she is
Thinking that they would point her into the right direction
But they brought her to an unfamiliar place
A place where she’s completely lost
And completely scared
Moment to herself
Eyes closed tightly
She dreamt about hearing those words
If that moment ever came to true
Would she cry
And say thank you
Or turn the other way, choosing not to acknowledge the comment
Dark thoughts
She’s broken to the core
Spending most of her time sitting at the bus station
Waiting for them to meet her half way
Replaying that entire war in her head
Knocking out the negative
Cutting the cord on what no longer brought her happiness
It took a long time to build her up again
She was just a little caterpillar
Doing whatever everyone else thought is best for her
But for how long??
Wearing a number of masks
Each day is a different day for a different character
Telling her to swallow the big girl pill
She’s alone in that ring
When all the negative seeds knock her out
Rip her like food
No one is there to yell at her to tell her that she needs to keep fighting
Becoming part of the furniture
She became completely invisible
Acknowledging her when they needed something
They refused to cut the cord
And walk away from all of it
Making the hardest decision of her life
Walking awa with validation
She chose her dreams over they hopes and dreams
Seeing that shooting star that doesn’t come every day
Making peace that they will be happy the way they wants to be
Wishing for inner peace and happiness
Her soul is set free