Untitled Poem…

He asked if she trust him???
Her mind rewinds to where it all started
A marvelous soul like no other
She’s hooked
Completely focused on him and nothing else
Locking eyes with from a distance
But she knows it’s all too good to be true
Silencing her doubts
She spends a lot of time with him
Everything seems to be beautiful
Fingers crossed behind her back
Hoping that take the hardest knock
But the voices in her head start to become much louder
Her fears are much more stronger
Gazing at the signs like a movie that she has watched one to many times
Tempted to ask for a box of reassurances
But she’s afraid that she might get the cold shoulder
Thinking that maybe he might walk away like they all did
Breaking her heart into a million little pieces
She wishes that she could live her worst nightmare all over again
Trying to hide everything that she’s feeling
But the tears just start falling with any control down her face
Trying to open herself up
Being this defenceless soul that she thought he needed
As the eyes start wondering around
Something got his attention and it’s not her
Fixed her started tearing up slowly
As the cracks of the past started revealing itself
She started feeling all the emotions that she thought is buried
Staring at her reflection in the mirror
A million questions start showing up once again
Realizing that he is not hers to keep
Screaming from the top of her lungs
But her echo bounced back at the reflection
Breaking the mirror into a million little faces
Staring at the bottle of gin
Drowning her unhappiness in the glass
But it’s too small to numb her feelings
She chucks the whole bottle down her throat
Seeing his face in the distance
Searching for the strength to get up
Walking like she’s about to fall over
She tries grabbing it but it’s the air
Her eyes rolling up to her head
She starts losing her balance
Falling to the ground
She took her hardest knock on the head