The Beautiful Human Being Through My Eyes

I wish I could express how I’m feeling to you
Maybe you’ll see that my intentions are true
You mean a lot to me
I wish you could believe me
Something real
And genuine
A rare work of art
Like a shooting star that doesn’t come every day
You’re a dream come true
A sweet escape
Whenever I’m in your presence it feels like magic
A whole another world
With endless possibilities
It’s simply amazing getting completely lost in your eyes
I feel like you’re staring into my souls
You could sense that behind my walls are opening cracks
Choosing to turn my head away
Before you turn my eyes into glass
And the burden I’ve carried for so long comes unraveling so fast
Like a downriver
Igniting you with so much power to break whatever’s left of the broken glass
The soul that I held on the pedestal for so long
It feels like a dream come true
Trying by all means to protect this work of art
I feel like I am at war
Feeling like grenade are being thrown at me from different directions
It’s been a battle not wear this heart on my sleeve
Like a fresh wound
It hurts too much to take that risk
And put everything on the table
Like it didn’t mean anything
Eyes closed tightly
Thinking about everything that happened before you
It hurts too much to even think about it
Choosing to deal my mistakes
And wasted takes
Needing to rewrite the story from a different perspective
You have brought me a new set of fresh eyes
A bliss of happiness
Choosing your soul
A personality that is hard to find
Locking myself up
A mysterious soul from a distance
The man on the pedestal
Hoping that you wouldn’t be scared off by my emotional scars
Eyes closed tightly
Feeling your body in front of me
Understanding that I didn’t ask for the thoughts in my head to get this loud
Punching myself inside my head
Strong glassed eyes that have broken
I hope that you don’t walk away
Apologizing to you in my head
But struggling to tell you
Words cloaked up in my throat
My voice disappearing in thin air
Crossing my fingers that I haven’t let you down
Sorry is all I can say