The Conflict In Her Mind Versus Her Reality

All she wants is to be seen as beautiful
Good enough in your eyes
A hot firebomb
Truth is he is way out of her league
She’s his to hold
But he just wants her body
Releasing everything that his feeling into her temple
Yelling from her diaphragm
He had a little smug of his face
The temple that she’s kept so sacred
Her deepest fear is losing her innocence
And being treated like just another number
She finds herself overthinking and contemplating
Fearing that you might find your shining star
Thinking that maybe he would not like her the same way she like him
She found herself crucified for he’s past mistakes
It became a bunch of wasted takes
Wondering if she is making the right decision
Fearing that she might have disappointed him
Wishing that she could go back to the crowd
She took off his t-shirt
He took off her pants
Caressing her legs
She got lost in his eyes
Trying to find the right words to describe what she’s thinking
Replaying everything that happened in her past
Her prayer is that she does not lose herself
Afraid that she might fall much harder for him
Throwing herself in front of the target
She chose to risk herself over losing the friendship
Doing everything to make him happy
Putting his happiness first
Everything else that she wants means nothing to her
Her needs are in the back burner where they belong
Packed in suitcase
Hidden from the world
His smile became her muse
Burning red eyed girl is who she became
Feeling tired and really exhausted
Knocked out for a while
There’s no point in fighting anymore
Losing to her fears
Open wounds hurt even more
Eyes closed tightly
For a while she disappeared into a world where only she’s finally at peace