Her Unspoken Entreat…

She’s always seen him from a far
In her eyes he’s a flawless soul
Staring at him from a distance
He seems like a amazing person
One of the good hunks
Thick black eyebrows
With one of the most beautiful eyes
Golden brown skin got her drooling
With a perfect smile that knocks her off feet
She can’t help but stare
Hiding behind the walls of her castle
She doesn’t want him to see her
Knowing that she might not be enough for him
A faultless soul in her eyes
Her mind snaps a picture of this beautiful piece of God’s artwork
Yearning to spend a day in his presence
Feeling drawn to his soul
She feels like he is pulling her in
An unknown soul turned into a handsome mysterious soul
Gazing at the high ceiling
The perfect picture is printed on the brown broad
Laying on her side on the big bed
She stares at the empty side
Wishing he could have been there
Holding on the pillow
Wondering how would it feel to be in his arms
Wanting to be the one that makes him smile
Being the reason behind his happiness
A putto sitting on the headboard of her bed
With a bow in her hand and an arrow in her hand
He became her first thought when the sun rises
A smile is created on her face
Staring at empty road
All she wants to see is him
Crossing her fingers to see him once again
With a perfect smile that practically knocked out
She wonders if he is not a figure of her imagination
Thinking about how would things go if she had an opportunity to meet him
Rehearsing everything she wants to tell him in her head
Hoping that she doesn’t put her foot in her mouth
Saying something really stupid
Causing things to be awkward
Hoping that her weirdness doesn’t turn him off
Finding the right words to shoot her shot
Leaving her heart open for incase she scores
Staring at her reflection
She gets an uncomfortable feeling around her body
Facing the reality that she might not be enough
Maybe it’s just hopeless trying
He’s not hers to keep
But the image of him never faded away from her conscious
Overthinking that might be someone else’s firebomb
Hitting her body on the ground
She begins balling her eyes out
Facing the her unexpected reality that she might not be enough