Her Deepest Secret…

An unfamiliar voice asked her if she trusts him
Eyes closed tightly
Her mind starts down the road 100 kilometers /o/hour
As she get these unexpected flashbacks
Hiding behind the walls that shield her from the world
She didn’t want him to see her
Negative thoughts in her head
She always saw her herself as a disgusting lonely girl
In her eyes he is a perfect picture
But just not enough
A soul that is completely out of this world
And a soul that is on her pedestal
Hoping that in due time he would choose her
Hearing echoes of sweet nothings of the past travel from one ear to the other ear
Yearning to find some sort of affection
But it created some bad intentions
Constantly being in the ring
Fighting for something that turned out to be wasted take
But it felt like being on a roller-coaster ride
As her heart turned into a joke
With big thick red hair
White powder is mask hiding all this ugly marks
Lips are red hiding all the rough edges that people cannot stand to look at
Fully clothed in big clothes
And her feet started drowning in these oversized shoes
She could hear them all laughing at her
Choosing to hold on
She found herself in the ring fighting against the fears
Losing the unexpected battle
Feeling like an object she found herself used and then thrown away
Staring at the sky
Gazing at the shooting star
Wishing that she could have been enough
An unexpected tell all surprise from the past
Hearing the unspoken truth
Wishing that they a opportunity to unwrap this forbidden gift
Sucking all the trust
Brushing it off, it became a loud no
Getting off the sickening roller-coaster ride
She felt completely empty
Hiding behind the high walls
There is small hole that opens up the view of the world
A yellow bright light from a distance
It caught her attention
Gazing at it so hard wishing that she knew what it is
It is the beautiful soul with no identification
Body completely flat on the ground
She does not want to be seen yet
Hiding herself from the world
Sleepless nights and long days becomes her new normal
Building herself up again
Dreaming about the day that she finally faces her fears
Feeling the light of the sun on her skin
As she finally finds the courage to face her fears
Walking up to the this unknown soul
A beautiful wide smile taking her breath away
He looked like a dream
Aiming for the stars
Shooting her shot
But the the ball never went through the net
Feeling let down
She never stopped hoping that maybe someday things will workout
Fingers crossed
She went back again
Feeling her heart falling to the ground
Gazing into the eyes of his dreams
Noticing that everything has changed
She closes herself up again
Finding comfort in the darkness
She feels like a fool
Hearing the past laughing loudly in her head
She begins screaming her lungs out
Wishing that she disappear for a good
She feels him fading away slowly
Holding on tightly
Memories of why she held on to the dream start coming up
Tears rolling down her face
The unspoken dream disappeared