Damaged Goods

I’m mess
Scared and broken
This walls are getting stronger than before
Like a guitar
I have broken strings
Even when you want to play me
And rock me to your sleep
I won’t sound the same way
Don’t try to tune me
I won’t work anymore
Running out of musical sounds
The bass doesn’t sound like used
Thinking about the days
Where I was brand new
Beautiful and flawless
Strings still works perfectly beautiful
Bring smiles to the souls that entered my life
Thinking about the day I saw you
And feeling fully self assured
My scars where hidden from your eyes
Reliant that this year won’t be same song repeat
Trying to find the musical note to knock you off your socks
But your face is really had to read
Wondering if I get your approval
Getting to go home with you
Battered from one soul to the other
Everyone with one intention
I don’t think I can handle it anymore
Glass eyes in the mirror
Wishing you could read the story
Reading between the lines
Maybe you would understand my tuner is broken
Deepest fear is being in the corner to catch dust
Going into the dark closet
Not being able to see the light hitting my face
My heart is on your chest
Seeing tears running down your face
I’m not sure if you saw the hidden secret
But the look on your face is hard to read
Yearning to feel your arms around me
I wish the feeling could be permanent
Like a new sticker on my skin
Hoping that you won’t forget me