Autumn Love

Red, Gold and Brown
Are the colors that surround us
Waking up next to an empty space
I’m drawn to the color that gets my attention
The sky is grey
And the blankets feel so warm
Like your arms wrapped around me
Wishing you were here
To enjoy the view that is outside my window
Gazing outside my window
My heart yearns to hear your voice again
Laughing in my ear as I make silly jokes to cheer you up when you have a bad day
I wish we could be like trees
Shed our old beautiful leaves
Like the old pain that we hold on to
Treating it like the walls that protect our hearts
As much our bodies are like old homes
Scared to try again
There’s no point in hurting ourselves again
Thinking about the days where I’d cry myself to sleep
Most days I would wear a mask
Hoping that it would show that I’m hurting
Wishing I could give you the reassurance that would be enough for your heart
Needing to curl up next to you
Wishing I could see your smile
Pulling your pillow close my chest
I’m surrounded by your fragrance
Beautiful yellow, orange and red leaves falling on the ground
I hope that I could see you through the leaves
Seeing you smile from one ear to the other ear
I yearn for the moments where you vulnerable
Breaking down the walls that have become a apart of you
Ripping the plaster of your skin
Making space to for disappointment
We’ll deal with rubble that is left behind the storm
Strongest soul in the mirror
Needing you to just be you