Rock Hard Heated Up Soul

Handsome face
A rare work of art
Staring at his face feels like she’s staring at the stars
Gazing at its beauty
It feels really she’s dreaming whenever she’s in his presence
Looking royalty
She puts him on a pedestal
Sexy body
Feeling like a gaslight
He lights up with unspoken suppressed feelings
A moment alone
Her mind begins running at 200km per hour
She feels hot and bothered
Smirking at her from a distance
He lifts her body up
And throwing her arms around his shoulder
She’s face to face with him
As he place his hands on his beautiful hands on her buns
Squeezing them with every bit of strength
Trying to release everything that he’s currently feeling
Leading his lips to her lips
He begins biting her bottom lip
Pulling her mouth closer to his
Running her hands down his beautiful abdominal muscles
In her head she’s screaming his name
Moaning so loudly
Hoping that he didn’t hear her
Her hands continue traveling like a tourist
Doing sight seeing on every area of his body
Sweating like a bucket of water is thrown on her body
Feeling on this big rock
She’s left speechless
Big beautiful light skin stallion
Seen through his favorite sweatpants
Stroking it gently
She tries not squeeze to hard
Deep firebomb kisses
Dirty talks
She wishes to light him up even more
Biting hard on his bottom lip
Spreading smooches on his face
He carries her to his sacred space
Slowly unzipping her dress
Throwing him on his spot
Gazing at her hourglass figure
He can’t help but grab her body
Grinding her hot body on his
She rides on his stallion like a racing horse

The Tape That Continue Rolling With No Cut🎞️📽️🎬…

Eyes close tightly
Her mind traveling down the highway at 120 kilometers per hour
Seeing his reflection on her rearview mirror
Wondering if she’s ever enough
As the voices of doubt started getting loud
She tries to cover her ears
But the sound is much louder
Memories of the past begin playing
Like a movie but hers did not have ending storyline
Watching them leave one by one
And her glass of trust broke into a million little pieces
Wishing that she can turn back the hands of time
And leave her unspoken emotions bottled up
Laying everything on the ground
She feels naked
Admitting that she doesn’t want perfection
Trying by all means to convey her feelings
She starts showing affection
But he just feels like she’s being too much to deal with
Watching her shutdown completely like robot
She’s numb
Crawling into her dark hole
Sitting on the ground with her legs against her chest
Rocking herself to calm down like a rocking chair
The grip of the elastic band broke
And tears begin rolling down her face
Her emotions are completely exposed
She feels weak
Wrapping her arms around
Her self grip starts getting tighter
As her nails begin digging into her skin
Her arms turned red immediately
Staring at her naked reflection in the mirror in the shower
She tries scrubbing her scars away
But her wounds began opening up
Breaking down as water runs down her body
She feels a burning sensation
Eyes closed tightly
Tears begin rolling down her face
The pressure increased as she found herself gasping for air
She is knocked out as her past wounds got the better of her

Broken Instrument

Maybe this thing between you and I is just a dream
We’re just different from each other
Hoping that you would see me differently
But we both know that it’s not possible
Facing the unexpected reality that I’m an average soul
But at the same time I feel I’m rare breed
Coin flipped in the air
This could go either way
Feeling like I’m at a cross-road
Confused about what to do at this point in time
Feeling like doesn’t matter what I decide
The consequences are still going to be the same
Sleepless nights and loud thoughts
Watching the buried box come up once again
Disappointment is all I see
Eyes closed tightly
I wish things were not this complicated
Staring at the road behind you
Constantly observing, contemplating and over-analyzing the situation in my head
Hoping that I could walk with my eyes closed tightly
Trying by all means to feel at ease
But all my senses are wide awake
Shivers down my spine
I feel so cold
Knowing that the glass is broken
Water spilled over
Fearing that I might go back to that dark place again
Losing every single part of me
Staring at all my broken strings
Fixing myself up
But I have open wounds on my hands
Watching the blood flow out
Leaving red marks on the ground
Marks that turned into trails
Wondering what’s more important to me
I know how this story goes
Trying by all means to change it
Turning in round every single time
But it doesn’t matter
It all became too much to deal with
Risking everything that is important to me
My guard is up once again
Laying next to you with tears rolling down my face
Nothing will ever be the same again.

The Conflict In Her Mind Versus Her Reality

All she wants is to be seen as beautiful
Good enough in your eyes
A hot firebomb
Truth is he is way out of her league
She’s his to hold
But he just wants her body
Releasing everything that his feeling into her temple
Yelling from her diaphragm
He had a little smug of his face
The temple that she’s kept so sacred
Her deepest fear is losing her innocence
And being treated like just another number
She finds herself overthinking and contemplating
Fearing that you might find your shining star
Thinking that maybe he would not like her the same way she like him
She found herself crucified for he’s past mistakes
It became a bunch of wasted takes
Wondering if she is making the right decision
Fearing that she might have disappointed him
Wishing that she could go back to the crowd
She took off his t-shirt
He took off her pants
Caressing her legs
She got lost in his eyes
Trying to find the right words to describe what she’s thinking
Replaying everything that happened in her past
Her prayer is that she does not lose herself
Afraid that she might fall much harder for him
Throwing herself in front of the target
She chose to risk herself over losing the friendship
Doing everything to make him happy
Putting his happiness first
Everything else that she wants means nothing to her
Her needs are in the back burner where they belong
Packed in suitcase
Hidden from the world
His smile became her muse
Burning red eyed girl is who she became
Feeling tired and really exhausted
Knocked out for a while
There’s no point in fighting anymore
Losing to her fears
Open wounds hurt even more
Eyes closed tightly
For a while she disappeared into a world where only she’s finally at peace

The Soul Behind The Microphone

You’re my muse
A blank canvas
And I’m the artist
Covered in paint
Trying to capture your beauty from within
In different colors
To highlight different parts of your soul
Staring at your reflection
All I see is a perfect picture
Thick black eyebrows
Sweet perfect colored lips
A gorgeous smile that lights up my world
Flawless soul
Shining light on your face
Staring at into the windows of your soul
Eyes close tightly
I want to know what you thinking
Yearning to see you in your happy place
Seeing you behind the glass
Spitting the most illest bars
With the most sickest lines
Smiling from one ear to the other
I’m proud to call you mine
You’re a dream come true
A rare work of art
I feel like I am an artist
Capturing your beauty
In different ways
I love every single thing about you
Gazing into your beautiful eyes
Behind the glass
For some reason the mask came off
You are the reason for my smile
Like for a while
My mind disappears miles away in a place where only you and I existed
I find myself liking you
The person you are
The soul that you transforming yourself to be
Its inspiring
Loving your beautiful flaws
Accepting the perfection that I see in you
Choosing to focus on your happiness
It’s quite sexy
I find myself drooling over you
Mr Incredible

Her Worst Scariest Nightmare That Never Disappeared

She felt like a failure
A burden
As her mind replays her scariest memories
22 years later
It still feels like it all happened yesterday
Her chest getting tighter by the minute
It feels really hard to breathe
Being in that room
Surrounded by machines
People coming in and out
Having needles inserted in and out her veins
Seeing all these scaples
It scared
Every night tears rolling her face
Deep inside she is dying
Fearing of getting hurt
As she held on tightly to the hand that was there
Induced with aesthetic
Feeling numb from the waist up
Her sense of feeling
The hand that once held her hand is no longer there
Eyes open wide
She is left alone with her thoughts
Picturing herself in her head running around in an open field
Feeling happy
Finding her place in the world
Nurses discover the smile on her face
She’s miles away
Connected to machines that kept her alive
Thinking that she’s a beautiful in spite of the scars on her body
It became part of her story
Exposing herself to the outside world
Thinking that things would be easier
But instead she got awkward stares
Wanting to crawl into a shell
Hiding from the outside world
Building strong iron walls to shield her soul
It’s hard to trust people close to you
Words turned into loud empty tins
Constantly overthinking and contemplating whether it’s true or not
Struggling to feel safe
Wanting to feel comfortable, it became hard
Strong young lady in the mirror
But internally she’s a mess
Like broken guitar
It’s hard to put her back together again

Dream Prisoner

She’s never been enough
Needing time to find herself
And her place in the world
Comparing her journey to everyone else
Thinking that she’s supposed to bloom out when they want her to
But she’s still in her cacoon
Working so hard to be someone they would be proud off
Confused about who she is
Thinking that they would point her into the right direction
But they brought her to an unfamiliar place
A place where she’s completely lost
And completely scared
Moment to herself
Eyes closed tightly
She dreamt about hearing those words
If that moment ever came to true
Would she cry
And say thank you
Or turn the other way, choosing not to acknowledge the comment
Dark thoughts
She’s broken to the core
Spending most of her time sitting at the bus station
Waiting for them to meet her half way
Replaying that entire war in her head
Knocking out the negative
Cutting the cord on what no longer brought her happiness
It took a long time to build her up again
She was just a little caterpillar
Doing whatever everyone else thought is best for her
But for how long??
Wearing a number of masks
Each day is a different day for a different character
Telling her to swallow the big girl pill
She’s alone in that ring
When all the negative seeds knock her out
Rip her like food
No one is there to yell at her to tell her that she needs to keep fighting
Becoming part of the furniture
She became completely invisible
Acknowledging her when they needed something
They refused to cut the cord
And walk away from all of it
Making the hardest decision of her life
Walking awa with validation
She chose her dreams over they hopes and dreams
Seeing that shooting star that doesn’t come every day
Making peace that they will be happy the way they wants to be
Wishing for inner peace and happiness
Her soul is set free

The Internal War…

I wish I could let it all out
Drop the guard down
Let you in
Without overthinking
And contemplating if I made the right decision
I want to be more than just an ordinary number
Yearning to slumber right next to you
Exposing you to the nakedness of my soul
To be taken to different world
Whenever I’m in your presence it feels like magic
A rare feeling
Like diamonds
I always feel like I am shining
But I don’t want to lose this
My deepest fear is losing us
Scared that you might cut the cord
Cut ties with me
Feeling like a fool in front of you
Walking away with so much embarrassment
I don’t think you would see me the same way again
Making a mess
Being addicted to you
I don’t know if I will ever be okay with eyes wondering around
Wishing I could read your mind
To know what you think of me
If you ever think about me
My mind is claustrophobic
Going on overdrive mode
Choosing your happiness over everything else
I just want to have a moment with you
Balling my tears out
Everything in the past has resurfaced
Spilling out the darkness
I’m not sure how to tell you that I need you
Hoping that you would not see me as weird
Being in good place
All I want is you

The Beautiful Human Being Through My Eyes

I wish I could express how I’m feeling to you
Maybe you’ll see that my intentions are true
You mean a lot to me
I wish you could believe me
Something real
And genuine
A rare work of art
Like a shooting star that doesn’t come every day
You’re a dream come true
A sweet escape
Whenever I’m in your presence it feels like magic
A whole another world
With endless possibilities
It’s simply amazing getting completely lost in your eyes
I feel like you’re staring into my souls
You could sense that behind my walls are opening cracks
Choosing to turn my head away
Before you turn my eyes into glass
And the burden I’ve carried for so long comes unraveling so fast
Like a downriver
Igniting you with so much power to break whatever’s left of the broken glass
The soul that I held on the pedestal for so long
It feels like a dream come true
Trying by all means to protect this work of art
I feel like I am at war
Feeling like grenade are being thrown at me from different directions
It’s been a battle not wear this heart on my sleeve
Like a fresh wound
It hurts too much to take that risk
And put everything on the table
Like it didn’t mean anything
Eyes closed tightly
Thinking about everything that happened before you
It hurts too much to even think about it
Choosing to deal my mistakes
And wasted takes
Needing to rewrite the story from a different perspective
You have brought me a new set of fresh eyes
A bliss of happiness
Choosing your soul
A personality that is hard to find
Locking myself up
A mysterious soul from a distance
The man on the pedestal
Hoping that you wouldn’t be scared off by my emotional scars
Eyes closed tightly
Feeling your body in front of me
Understanding that I didn’t ask for the thoughts in my head to get this loud
Punching myself inside my head
Strong glassed eyes that have broken
I hope that you don’t walk away
Apologizing to you in my head
But struggling to tell you
Words cloaked up in my throat
My voice disappearing in thin air
Crossing my fingers that I haven’t let you down
Sorry is all I can say

Living Other People’s Dreams At The Cost Of Her Happiness

They’re thoughts are dark
Eyes clouded up by they’re own judgement
What she wants
Means absolutely nothing in their eyes
In a small room
Filled darkness
A prisoner
They’re prisoner of failure
Shielded from the world
They’ve become too embarrassed to be seen with her
She feels locked up
Forced to live other people’s dreams and ambitions
Muting her own dreams and ambitions
Constantly asking her what she wants to do
Showing them her work
They brushed her off
Like an annoying insect
She already said it
Pushing herself for someone to recognize her
To grant her a chance to shine
Something that she does during her spare time
Became her entire life
Choosing her happiness over what everyone wanted her to be
Starting this journey on her own
Feeling so alone
Standing in front of the microphone
Wearing her heart on my sleeve
Staring into the crowd
Eyes searching for a familiar face in the crowd
Surrounded by a bunch of strangers
She hears them cheering for her
On the edge of their seats
Her guard is fallen completely
Feeling in her element
She’s in happy place
Sharing her thoughts with the world
Hearing it flow with each rhythm
Leaving her entire heart on this stage
Tears rolling down her face
Trusting a strangers with her unspoken thoughts
And scary demons
Loneliness of the past came up
Like an unexpected storm on the horizon
Staring at the broken pieces on the floor
Her hands filled with open wounds
Thinking about how she bled out
She’s not ready to lose herself again
Blank pages, pens and plenty of books
Unspoken words jumbled up in her head
This is her life