The Mistake On Repeat…

In the mist of the pain
She thought she held it all together
But that became her weakness
A broken guitar with a broken strings
The tune isn’t the same anymore
Whispering sweet nothingness into her ears
Falling for each line hook line and sinker
She’s falling into the forbidden ocean
A box of kindness turns into a moment weakness
Her deepest fear is losing her innocence
Losing her soul that she holds close to her heart
Staring at him from a distance
Through the window of a room filled with darkness and pain
Her dark thoughts are on blust mode
Slowly turning into a raging volcano attacking herself
Reciting dark thoughts in her head
The words turned into small little seeds
An ability to shut it down turns into her weakness
Slowly feeling like a failure
Gazing at this beautiful woman that stands in front of him
Jealousy turns into the monster with sharp horns
Sharp canines sticking out on the side
Her beautiful soft skin turns into this rough patches
A brain replays her darkest moments
Thinking about the day that she settled for last place
Constantly trying to make others feel happy
Saying no to the things that she wants
Wishing that she could held on the pedestal
Gaining the medal and getting the validation that she’s always wanted
She finds herself turning into the shape-shifter
Putting everything and everyone else before herself
The emotional scars turn into a unseen wounds
A coffin
Buried six-foot under
She thought she is over it
A reality that she’s not enough starts kicking in
Facing the world outside her comfort zone
Choosing life outside the four walls
Every single year of happiness turns into a lesson learned
Another take thrown into the thrash bin
He’s last works start sinking in
The tree starts growing slowly, the more she watered it
Her skies are grey
Filled with lighting and rainfall
Holding on to everything and everyone
Broken pieces of glass on the floor
Smashed wood on the floor
Her surroundings are filled with dark holes
The silent fear is the aftermath of the storm

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