A beautiful rare artwork
In her eyes, a mystery work of art
A one of a kind shooting
She yearns to be like
Staring at this rare work of art
Her entire attention is on him
The soul on the pedestal
In her room filled with people cheering him on behind the microphone
Hearing him speak his version of the truth
Breaking down his words
The crowd goes really crazy
Cheering and applauding the man on the spotlight
He is vulnerable with his soul
Sharing his flaws with the world
She wishes that he would look her way
Eyes closed tightly
Wishing she could feel his hand stroking her cheeks gently
A lot of unspoken words
Wanting to open up her soul and become completely vulnerable
Looking around the room
Surrounded by all these beautiful faces
Doubts in her mind replays her scariest memories
Fearing the carpet being pulled from right under her feet
Not trying to take the title of first place
She just doesn’t want to fit in anymore
Surrounded by everyone else’s perspective of beautiful
Giving in
She does not want to compete anymore
A naked woman within the four walls
Sharing her scars with him
Leaving her soul on the floor
She wishes to be enough to him
The only king she sees
An ordinary soul in everyone else’s eyes
But an extraordinary soul in her eyes
Looking into his eyes
Turning the frown into a beautiful smile
Her heart is gone with wind
A few hours is just not enough to describe how honored it feels
Her eyes focused on him
And him alone
Imperfect soul from a distance what she wants more than ever
Her heart failing to fight this feeling
She yearns to be in front of him
Flawed Him

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