Whomst Is She…

A heart of gold
With pure intentions
Giving nothing but love and kindness
Expecting nothing in return
Beautiful from within
Choosing her natural beauty
Comfortably over unimportant validation
Showing all her cards on the table
She’s got nothing to hide
Hiding behind a beautiful smile
It is quite hard to see the broken glass eyes
The walls becomes her shield
They entered into her life
One by one
Whispering sweet nothings in her ear
She’s falling hook line and sinker
Promising her the world
Drowning in the open waters
She alone
Like this entire thing is too good to be true
Her heart feels incomplete
Beginning her search on self care
Buried wounds start coming back
Triggering emotions that she’s not ready to feel
Reminded of the things that are supposed to be died
A bunch of wasted takes lay there on the ground
Watching the hourglass from a distance
As she counts the seconds wasted on trying to be perfect
Sitting on the chair
Staring at the mirror
Gazing at the girl hiding behind the mask
With piles of powder on her face
Disappointment rears it’s ugly head
Everyone close to her begin wilting slowly
She’s left in a big room alone
Staring at the world outside
Waiting for the moon to show up
Finding comfort in the arms of warm blankets
Eyes closed tightly
Tears rolling down her face
Broken to the core
Her journey is harder than ever before

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