Imperfect Soul…

I wish I had more than just a few hours with you
Yearning to spend time with you
Staring into your beautiful eyes
Gazing into the beautiful strong windows of your soul
I found my peaceful place
Wishing I could read your thoughts
Wondering what you think of me uncovered
Feeling your hands travel around my beautiful body
A firebomb on my skin
Eyes closed tightly
Traveling to another place where only you and I exist
Feeling like I’m hitting a punching bag
Fighting through these strong confinement walls that you’ve built around your heart to protect you
Tears roll down my face
Wishing I could be just enough for you
Always placed you on the pedestal
Thinking that you are the most popular man in the world
With an important reputation
I fear being seen in public with you
Worried that people might not approve of the fact that you are seen with me
Big Crossed Eyed and a stomach filled with scars
I feel his hands touching each scar gently
Heart melting slowly into a million little pieces
I feel like I am losing this battle
Trying by all means to shield my heart from falling for you
But it’s too late
A crooked smile has fallen for the strong man with a crown
His majesty
A rare work of art in the distance
But an amazing sportsmen and artist in front of the world
Being truly honest about everything in your life
I feel like I am turned on even more
Thinking what would it be like to have and to hold you
Laying it all on the ground
Thinking if you knew about the loud thoughts in my head
Maybe you might walk away
And not look this way again
I feel like a barbie doll being judged on her flaws
Expected to be this perfect soul
But some odd reason, with you I feel like I am free
Like for once whatever I have to say actually matters
Watching myself grow into the beautiful strong fierce writer, poet and young woman that I’ve always wanted to be
I hate seeing you frown
When your smile is truly one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in the world
A shooting star in my eyes
Taking my time to enjoy every single moment that happens between us
Handing you a box of honesty
Laying every single intention out there
You’re the only one that has my attention
Holding every single moment close to my heart
The mind replays all of them like a song on repeat
I wish I could press mute for a few minutes
Trying by all means to clear my mind
But you’re all I want to see and feel
Wrapping your beautiful arms around me
Feeling your warm breath in my ear
Creating your special place in my heart
You mean a lot to me that I am not ready to lose you
Giving me all the good feelings
I just need you more than you’ll ever know

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