The Soul Behind The Microphone

You’re my muse
A blank canvas
And I’m the artist
Covered in paint
Trying to capture your beauty from within
In different colors
To highlight different parts of your soul
Staring at your reflection
All I see is a perfect picture
Thick black eyebrows
Sweet perfect colored lips
A gorgeous smile that lights up my world
Flawless soul
Shining light on your face
Staring at into the windows of your soul
Eyes close tightly
I want to know what you thinking
Yearning to see you in your happy place
Seeing you behind the glass
Spitting the most illest bars
With the most sickest lines
Smiling from one ear to the other
I’m proud to call you mine
You’re a dream come true
A rare work of art
I feel like I am an artist
Capturing your beauty
In different ways
I love every single thing about you
Gazing into your beautiful eyes
Behind the glass
For some reason the mask came off
You are the reason for my smile
Like for a while
My mind disappears miles away in a place where only you and I existed
I find myself liking you
The person you are
The soul that you transforming yourself to be
Its inspiring
Loving your beautiful flaws
Accepting the perfection that I see in you
Choosing to focus on your happiness
It’s quite sexy
I find myself drooling over you
Mr Incredible

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