Living Other People’s Dreams At The Cost Of Her Happiness

They’re thoughts are dark
Eyes clouded up by they’re own judgement
What she wants
Means absolutely nothing in their eyes
In a small room
Filled darkness
A prisoner
They’re prisoner of failure
Shielded from the world
They’ve become too embarrassed to be seen with her
She feels locked up
Forced to live other people’s dreams and ambitions
Muting her own dreams and ambitions
Constantly asking her what she wants to do
Showing them her work
They brushed her off
Like an annoying insect
She already said it
Pushing herself for someone to recognize her
To grant her a chance to shine
Something that she does during her spare time
Became her entire life
Choosing her happiness over what everyone wanted her to be
Starting this journey on her own
Feeling so alone
Standing in front of the microphone
Wearing her heart on my sleeve
Staring into the crowd
Eyes searching for a familiar face in the crowd
Surrounded by a bunch of strangers
She hears them cheering for her
On the edge of their seats
Her guard is fallen completely
Feeling in her element
She’s in happy place
Sharing her thoughts with the world
Hearing it flow with each rhythm
Leaving her entire heart on this stage
Tears rolling down her face
Trusting a strangers with her unspoken thoughts
And scary demons
Loneliness of the past came up
Like an unexpected storm on the horizon
Staring at the broken pieces on the floor
Her hands filled with open wounds
Thinking about how she bled out
She’s not ready to lose herself again
Blank pages, pens and plenty of books
Unspoken words jumbled up in her head
This is her life

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