Thoughts They Would Not Understand…

Her mind is screaming loudly
She wishes she could ignore the dark thoughts in her head
But her worries get the better of her
Waking up tears rolling down her face
She’s beginning just feel really lonely
Being in a room full people
Feeling completely comfortable being on mute
Wishing she could go on do not disturb mode until everything is calm
This feels like a storm
And all I’m seeing is razor blade and darkness
Staring at the reflection in the mirror
She struggle to accept herself
Hating how people stared at her
Wishing they knew what was going on in her head
Body filled with scars and bruises
They went away
But remained internally
Emotionally they were visible
But no one could see through the mask that she wore to well
Hoping that it would get better
All she wanted to be alone with her thoughts
Seeing it was easy for them to point her wrongs
Drowning in her heart in a bunch of songs
But they kept on putting pressure on her to be what they wanted her to be
Shifting the blame for her internal behavior to an innocent soul
Cutting herself emotionally
Each cut became less painful for her
Glass eyed girl
The cracks were showing all to well her guard held up high
An addict to the pain
Happiness became luxury
She thought it was unaffordable

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