My Deepest Fear Of Needing You During My Darkest Days

I wish I could need you
Like you need me
That I could let down my walls
And be completely vulnerable in front of you
That I could tell you everything that I’m feeling
Or that is going on in my head
And you wouldn’t see me as weird
Or make things awkward
Most days thoughts are louder than my voice
Waking up tears rolling down my face
The mask that I wore for a long time just feel off
Broken glasses on the floor
Bleeding unstoppable hand cuts visible
Fixing all the broken pieces on the floor
I tried by all means to find my center of peace
Trying by all means to trust you
But it hurts to much
As I think back to everything that happened in the past
I’m holding myself back
Wanting so badly to shatter the walls with you
But I don’t know if you would see me the same way
My deepest fear is losing you
Feelings placed in the back burner
Sheltering our friendship with every thing that I have
You’re a dream come true
I’m not ready to lose inspiration as yet
My sunshine during the dark days
I’ve always wanted to be in your presence
For a while I feel safe
Not expecting anything
But real moments that don’t come everyday
I wish I could express everything I feel for you
But I feel words are not enough to describe how honored I am to have you
Eyes looking deeply into my soul
Incredible artwork is all I see in you
Gratitude filling my heart up
Amazing soul in the distance is all I see…

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