Thee Unexpected Fall…

We started off as strangers
Got to know each other better
And every day became a learning curve
As I learned to go with the flow
Choosing to trust you with my heart
You decide to shoot your shot
And the ball went in through the hoop
I was yours
Wanting so badly to be in your presence
And see if the chemistry is there
Declaring how you feel
Thinking that every word is genuine
And true
You made me smile
And made me cry
You numb my pain and my sorrows
For a while I escaped into a world where you and I are alone
The center of everything I do
With my scars I thought I was enough to make you smile
I never felt alone
After you proved my doubts wrong
And made believe that you were going to stay
I thought that you had my back
And that I would not go through this process alone
In an empty room
My eyes were blindfolded
Seeing nothing
But darkness
As I felt your mouth touching my ear
And your warm breath in my ear
Whispering sweet things into my ear
I didn’t know that they were empty promises
Thinking that you were next to me
I called out your name
But I felt my echo bounce back at me
Pulling the blindfold off
I found myself at a cross road
Choosing you
But you pulled the rug from right under
I fell face first
Hitting my head on the ground
My eye sight became hazey
Your eyes never stopped wondering around
When I needed you the most
You were never there
Seeing less of you
I knew you were never meant to be mine
But I never stopped believing in you
Hoping that you would return
But I was just the blindfolded cover girl…

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