White sheets and fresh flowers
Laying my body on yours
I wish I could read your mind
Like a blank canvas
It’s hard to interpret what I see
You have become my safety net
I would put myself on the line to protect what we share
A soul that spoke to mine
Thinking about how much I truly appreciate you
Like a shooting star
You’re a rare work of art
I’m clothed up
My soul is covered
And my scared heart is hidden from the world
Wearing a million little pieces
I’m shielded from you
You see me in the distance
In your eyes I was just okay
To your heart I’m mind blowing
But I doubt that you’ll ever admit that
We got along like a house on fire
I enjoyed your company
Yearning for the truth
For the facts that others failed to give me
I felt alone and not good enough
Your eyes are filled with truth
Staring into my soul
I feel like I cannot hide anything from you
Being completely open about everything
I cross my fingers that my flaws doesn’t make you leave
Eyes closed tightly
I’ve haven’t seen the light in a while
Chest getting tired
Losing my breath
Feeling like I am my ability to breathe hasn’t been easy
My soul has been left empty
The mind turned off
Feeling your skin on my skin
The old wounds are put at ease
But my guard won’t fall down so easily
Staring at this road
I don’t think I ever got over the fact that I was left alone
Blindfold, I couldn’t see where I’m going to
Or where I am
Surrounded by silence
Clearly no one is there
Innocent soul in the mirror
You ripped the plasters off
I needed to accept the unspoken truth

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