Things That I Want From You But I Know That I Can’t Give You…

You look like dream
Staring at you from distance
Covered in sweat
My body is on fire
The mind is racing a hundred miles an hour
I can’t deny what I am feeling for you
Staring into your eyes
I feel myself wanting you
A few hours is just not enough to fulfill my soul
Laying my body on yours
My lips pressed gently against yours
Feeling the warmth of your breath down my throat
I’m melting like butter in your hands
Eyes closed tightly
Thinking about all the things that I want to do
Being in the same room with you
I can feel the windows getting misty by our breaths
Being touched by you feels like a unexpected burning sensation
I don’t want you to stop
Laying on the bed
With my back against the sheets
My cold feet placed gently on your abs
I can feel them warm up with your body heat
My mind blown away
Kissing every part of my body
I can’t help but let out a moan at the back of my mouth
Seeing you smile
Your mouth found mine
I wrapped myself around your waist
Wanting more of you
Putting my arms around your neck
Kissing you with so much passion and fire
I don’t want you let go of me just yet
Biting my bottom lip knowing that I’m turned on
I flip you over
And I was top of you again
Hearing my heartbeat so fast
Stopping for a while
My eyes closed tightly
I can feel myself wanting more of you
Tears rolling down my face
Reality hitting me harder than expected
I know I can’t walk away and forget about everything that I feel for you
Punching this bag harder than before trying to release my pain and disappointment
But I know it’s going hard seeing you with someone else
Knowing that I wanted more than just your body
I’m just better off in the crowd cheering for you from the sidelines

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