My Truth To Self Growth…

I wish I could tell you the truth
The unspoken truth
I have trust issues
And a sacred heart
I’m always kind and respectful
But I’m not that strong to protect my sanity
They said I love you
And I believe them
They told me a bunch of empty words
And it messed me up
I believe in the lies that they told me
Cause I thought their intentions were true
Putting my sacred heart on the line
I never stopped believing in love
Loving you from the distance
My prayer is that God would save you for me
Being in the ring
I found myself fighting against my fears
Using my arms to protect my heart from getting more scars
An unexpected knock
I found myself on the ground
Eye swollen up
And my nose bleeding
A cut on my lip
I lost a battle that I was so confident about winning
That I thought that I would get the belt
Staring at the crown
I learnt to love my flaws
Getting to know myself even more
I had clear my eyes from this clouded judgment that I was filled with
Being realistic with myself
Choosing to be true
I am queen
The soul on the pedestal
You became my inspiration
I couldn’t give up on myself
Lifting me up
I was able to dust myself off
And continue fighting the this battle that help better my growth

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