Underground Fears…

I like you
Just like I like coffee
Strong with a some milk
Even from a distance
You can smell the caffeine
And fall slowly in love with it
Holding this cup close to my lips
I picture it being your lips on mine
Feeling the hot air in my mouth
It feels like the your warm breath down my throat
Wishing I could see your smile
Maybe for a while
I could be happy
Longing so badly to kiss you
Feel your hands all over me
Hoping that you would not just want my body
But my mind and soul
There’s a lot of tension
And a bunch of unspoken words
Staring into your eyes
I tempted to grab you by the neck
And kiss you like there’s no tomorrow
To satisfy my body needs
I need feel your body
Gaze into your eyes
And kiss you with so passion and fire
But I can’t stop thinking at what cost.
You have given me something that is rare
And that fufills my soul
Wishing you could see yourself through my eyes
Maybe you would understand why I feel the way I do
In the ring fighting all my fears
I lost the battle
Realizing my deepest fear is that I can’t picture life without you
Knowing what it feels like to have someone truly support you when it gets rough
Gives you space even when they don’t know about the demons you’re dealing with
Lists your flaws to thinking that I would look away
But I still see them as an incredible
I know that I would not be strong enough to seeing you liking or loving someone else
I found myself packing up my unspoken words
And it’s turned out to be truthful unspoken words

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