The Middle Person On The Edge of the World….

I feel like a Wednesday
Constantly fighting for some kind of recognition
That I wish I had a loud voice to get my opinion across
But I’m only good when people need support
Or when something needs to be done
I don’t blame them for treating me like an object
The demons that I’m fighting are even noticeable
Arms are straight up covering my face
Trying by all means to protect my sanity
Causing harm to myself emotionally, mentally and physically
I don’t think I can handle holding it in anymore
Disregarded by many people
I am the invisible soul
But I feel like I am losing this battle
Smiling to keep myself together
But truth is that I am not okay
Feeling like at any point in time I would fall
Like humpty dumpty
Wishing so much I could brush this off
But I need to accept defeat
The reality that I am the Wednesday
Completely forgotten about
But the one that is constantly told to be strong when it comes to fighting for my life
I feel alone
Truth is that I am alone
Having no life
Or control over my life
I feel like this is not my life to live
Sitting on the sidelines
Looking through the window to see what life is actually like on the other side
But I know that I would crack
And never put together again.

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