The Last Straw Of An Unexpected Let Down…

I was broken
Like a flower
I was dying
Cause I lacked water and sunlight
As every day went by
I was withering apart
Feeling completely lost in the world
Thinking that maybe you would have my back
Cover me up from the thunderstorms of the world
I needed you
That you would cheer me on while I’m fighting for you in the ring
My mind is left hazy
Confused if the image of you that I saw in the distance is real
I reached out to hold on to it
But like air
I couldn’t see anything
Left completely open
My opponent saw it as an opportunity to knock me out
I stared spinning
But when I look up to see your beautiful eyes
I found myself staring at an empty place
Losing my balance
Gravity brought me into the ground
I was gone
Completely Knockout
The bell went off
I barely heard anything
But a huge pain in the back of my head
My eyes started rolling to the back of my head
I couldn’t breathe
It took me a while to gain conscious
I opened my eyes a little bit
As I heard different voices surrounding me
Breathing through an oxygen mask
Connect to machines that never end
I feel this bright light blasting in my face
And hand touching me
In my state of mind
I’m completely confused about what happened
Seeing a stranger dressed in a white coat with a stethoscope around his neck
I realized I was in hospital
Seeing an empty chair next to me
Tears running down my face
I realized that you were never there
Hours turned into days
Days turned into a weeks
Weeks turned into a months
An unexpected decision
Choosing my happiness
I realized that you left my side long time ago
With no goodbye note
I choose to mend my broken pieces with my scared hands

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