Life Put On Pause…

I wish things were different
As much as I cut the cord long time
My soul is dominated by respect
I’m not ready to lose
And what we’ve shared
Our thing is really sacred to me
That I don’t want anyone in our bubble
Wishing you could understand why I said no
I’m just like you
Even though I can’t exactly show it
We both love our own spaces
But I also want a moment with you
Wishing that we could trade places
Maybe then you would understand why I’ve held my breath back for so long
And why this guard has fallen to the ground in front of you
You could go ahead
And call me selfish
But I wish you could see my life through a microscope
See the reason why I feel free whenever I’m with you
I know that I let you down
And broke your heart
Wearing my heart completely on my sleeve
Shedding a bunch unknown tears
I know in their eyes I’m a fool
But I can’t help
I like you a lot
Into you because you are different
Your smile that takes my breath away
Smiling from one ear to the other ear
I yearn your presence
Just like you yearn for mine
I wish things were different from what they are now
A dozen roses and plenty of kisses
I’m really sorry for letting you down

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