Phenomenal Incredible Woman…

You’re a beautiful woman
Not because of your physical appearance
But because of the beauty that shines within you
They may rate you a 5
But in my eyes you are a 20
I love the way you still find a way to rise from the all the bad situations that have broken your spirit
Your smile is one of the most beautiful things that God has ever created
It’s beautiful how you remain strong even when you are going through a lot of bad things
You are not afraid to love again
To love hard is one of the most amazing things about you
Even if it means loving hard
I love how you never seem to give up
No matter the odds that seem to be against you
In a male dominated industry
You still find a way to rise
And show that you are just as equal as man
Deserve the same benefits as a man
I love that you are not afraid to go down on your knees
And pray to God for everything that your heart desires
To ask him to provide you with the strength to carry on
Even when it’s difficult to at times
I love how you always nice
Even when people disrespect you
Or disregard your feelings
I love how you able to conceive
Carry your beautiful gift from God for 9 months
And bring it into the world despite the pain you have experienced throughout your journey
Then you go out into the world looking a fire bomb
The way your motherly instincts just kick in when these beautiful little souls are not in front of you
You protect them from harms way
Ensuring that they never get hurt
Remember that you are incredible
Strong and Beautiful all day every day
You are rare
And there is no one else that will ever be as gorgeous as you
Shine queen
Take your place on the throne
And shine

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