The Wrong I Need To Make Right πŸ˜”

I wish I could hold you already
The figure of my imagination
Coming into reality
It hurts seeing you walk away
Knowing that I could just run into your arms
But fear stood in my way
It’s weird how my heart yearns for you
My entire body calls your name
For some reason I felt something that I’ve always wanted to feel
My hands feel empty
And cold
Staring at your picture
Tears rolling down my face
I wish I wasn’t so cautious about this pandemic
But I am
My deepest fear is losing you
I don’t think I will ever be able to get through this without you
Maybe I went into this head first
But I’ve always had something for you
Just really scared to act on it
Knowing that you are the guy on a pedestal
You spoke volumes to my heart
Volumes that no one could
I can’t take this feeling of letting you down any more
It hurts me more than it hurts you
I think that’s the reason why you don’t trust easily
As much as u say we are okay
I know that you probably don’t trust me
Letting you down
I know I broke your heart
Almost is never enough
And something is got to give to make things right
I need to find the courage to speak out
To make things right
But where do I start??
Maybe I need to go back to where it all started for you and I
Find the courage to make things right
If this is my last day on earth
Then I would rather spend every single minute with you

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