The Truth That No One Knows About

I wish she knew the unspoken truth
Maybe she would understand my decisions
Choosing to me first
That I could not stay in the space
And allow myself to be treated like a dumb soul
I need time to process everything
Accept the things I could no longer change
As much as I always found myself in ring dealing with different faces of betrayal
It’s shocking that I still have the heart to be nice
And the strength to keep a smile on face
I was dealing with a lot of things
Realizing that maybe I’m not good enough to make them proud
I’m a human being after all
But don’t think she ever got it
She saw the way they tore me down
But she never said anything
She brushed it off
And chose to look the way
They never had my back
Either way I was still treated like an empty sack
With my back against wall
I couldn’t defend myself against them
So I took the punches
And became a loser in their eyes
I found myself feeling lost
And lonely
Misusing things that were never meant to be played with
But instead I got played back
Carrying those scars with me every day
Thinking that maybe they were right
But no one could see it
My eyes were like glass
At any point in time I can just break down
And let it all out
Maybe by the time you notice it will too late

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