Unexpected Hope That It Will Be Okay Again

I know that I ruined it
Messed up big time
And there’s no way to come back from this
I’m sorry are just a bunch of empty words with no actions attached to it
Teaching myself how to become be unattached right now
But truth be told it’s more hard to forget about the memories that were caught on tape in my mind
While we still had another bunch of memories to share with each other
But the invisible wall stood in my way
I feared one of us might get infected
Needing that both of us are kept safe until the invisible wall disappears for good
I want to jump in your arms again
But I can’t do it for now
The numbers are increasing
And I don’t either of us to be part of that growing number
I don’t think I’m ready to lose you
At least not yet please
Wishing that you would understand where I am coming from
I long to hear your voice
And to get completely lost in your eyes
You may think that I don’t want to be with you
But I do want to be with you
See you up close and personal
Telling you everything that I’ve left for this moment
To see the reaction of each and every beautiful word
Coming from a beautiful place in my heart
Maybe I might not always tell you that
But it’s true
I want to tell you everything that I’m feeling up close
To see the smile on your face
I think about you a lot more than you’ll ever know
You’ve found a special place in my heart
And constantly speak volumes to my soul
I want to take that leap of faith and jump
Hoping that you will catch me on the other side

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