Mysterious Work Of Art

Black hair
Thick black eyebrows
Sweet perfect colored lips
Golden Brown Skin representing all the beauty that is within
Flawless facial hair that connects from North to South
A perfect artwork that I studied in the distance for a while
Rewinding to the day I first laid eyes on you
I always thought that you were a figure of my imagination
Searching for you on social media
I stumbled upon this familiar picture
And that smile stood out to me
The mystery man of my dreams
But I felt like I wasn’t good enough to seen in the same room with you
I needed time to clear my head
To build myself up again
Catching me off guard
You said Hi first
And the moment that I was dreaming about finally came true
For a moment I thought I was dreaming
I need someone to pinch me back to reality
The guy that I put on a pedestal is talking to me
I called you handsome on the first day
Never looked back
Getting to know you better
I’m mesmerized by the way you happen this incredibly talented guy
Feeling drawn to your personality, your soul
2020 is leap year
February gave me an extra day
The handsome hunk over the phone stood right in front of me
My images, suggestions turned out to be more than everything I ever dreamt about
I couldn’t find the answers to your questions
Still mesmerized the fact that you are real deal
Feeling like kid in candy store
My entire body is filled with excitement
You have your beautiful strong arms wrapped around me
I’m tempted to react
But truth be told I’m scared of something that might not even be there
My mind begins overthinking
You looked so good
There’s no doubt that you could be single
We have had the most amazing moments of our lives
I want it to be real in your presence
So I hold you and dream about it
Kiss you all over your handsome face just to see your reaction
Give you all the encouragement and reassurance that your heart deserves
The way I believe in you I just want it to be enough
Mr Incredible
You don’t need a cape to be seen as a superhero
My superhero
Knowing that you can’t give me what my heart longs for
But I can fill you up with love, encouragement and happiness
Arguing with you is normal they say
But I know that I am not ready to lose what has always been real to me
Watching you walk away from me
I feel like you left with a piece of me
A rare bright light
Feeling it reflected on my soul
I realized my soul is naked
But the mystery kept me curious that I keep wanting more
You changed my perspective
And words cannot explain how I free I feel at this point in time
With the wind blowing through my hair
I’m inspired by you

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