Emotions That You Never Expected

I’m not okay emotionally and mentally
Constantly disappointing you
Let you down
I don’t feel like I am good enough for you
Acting strong like this invisible wall doesn’t get to me
Maybe I deserve your silence
Clearly I’ve let you down one to many times
And believe me when I say that it hurts
Knowing that you are not okay
That we’re not okay
Ruining a good friendship before it got to its peak
My heart is shattered realizing that not even I’m sorry or a bunch of red roses will work to fix things
I just want to crawl into a hole
And never come out to see the light of day
Tears rolling down my face
As I begin weeping
Realizing that this hurts more than I thought it would
You broke my walls
And got to the core of my soul
I hate hurting you
Disappointing you
That I find myself ripping myself apart from within
Realizing that my deepest fear is losing you
I don’t want to get attached to you
Knowing that it’s probably too soon
But I find myself falling head first into your ocean that is forbidden
Invisible wall please disappear
I feel your patience running out
Although you may not want admit it
I know that you want to be with me
Just as much as I want to be with you
But I just want to protect you just as much as u protect me
My Version Of Mr Perfect 🌚

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