Unexpected KnockoutšŸ„Š

In my heart I know I ruined things between us
And this thing between us is no longer the same
I would take the blame
Cause maybe it is my fault
The thing is that I like you a lot
But I’m not sure if you would feel the same way
I’ve avoided seeing
Feeling like I would make a fool of myself
Putting myself out there
Just to be tossed in the out like there was nothing there
Apart wants to say it
But fingers would not allow me to
I yearn to have a moment with you in person
Just like you yearn to see me
But I just can’t show up
And ruin your moment with people mean a lot to you
I wish you could meet me halfway
And maybe the cravings would disappear for a while
To look into your eyes once again
And feel all those unspoken feelings that I felt when I first saw you
I think I would be wrong if I say being with you has been simply amazing
Truth be told
In my eyes you were different
A whole lot of amazing and out of this world
I really enjoyed the time that I spent talking to you
Exposing you to all my flaws
I don’t think things will be the same way
I’ve fallen in love
And this time it was beyond my control
Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up
Should have made room for disappointment
Then it would not hurt so much
Staring at the empty space
My mind goes on a trip through space hoping to find my faults
But comes back with nothing but emptiness and coldness
I don’t want to allow myself to feel something for you
But I think it’s too late
I wanted an opportunity to be seen as someone different than just an object
To unravel the unspoken truth
But at this point in time I feel like I am at a cross road
Choosing between what my mind and my heart wants
I can’t seem to make a decision because I would still love you either way
Coin tossed in the air
It may on either side
Question is which way is the right way…
Turning left
But there was no one there
Turning right
But there was no one there either
Feeling the light being covered up
I look up to see beautiful eyes
Eyes that look so familiar that feel so right
My heart was knocked out of its socks

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