Small Spaces…

This journey liberating
But lonely at the same time
Everybody expecting me to be happy
But truth be told there’s more to life than being yes man type of girl
And deep inside I was dying to come out of my forbidden closet
Feeling like I was stripped of my happiness
My Sanity
The glassed heart became completely empty
My mind is constantly consumed by negative thoughts
As I listen to all these unspoken comments come to life
I try by all means to find my voice
But I’m silenced cause my opinion doesn’t count
Watching the eyes that stare at me
I feel like I can read their thoughts
Wishing I could hide for a lifetime since all they see is an empty skull
Bottled up tears are released
As I found myself surrounded by scars and bruises that never healed
This space is starting to feel small
I feel claustrophobic
My emotions are overwhelming me
I’m at my breaking point
With a coin flipped in the air
Heads or Tails
This entire thing could go either way
I want to be alone
I need time to catch up with my thoughts
But the room is not working for me
Watching my skin turn black
I realized that I’m in need of oxygen
Surrounded by a lot of people at the same time
I feel exhausted by every single moment that I spend in this small place
Feeling like I’m at the end of my life story
Invisible wall please disappear
So I could breathe again

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