The Me Behind the Mask Within the Four Walls

I feel like I mean nothing
Like my opinions have no value
My heart is empty
I found myself blending in with the walls
Constantly observing how I feel
No one took me into consideration
Or got to know me
I wish someone could recognize my skill
And give me a chance to shine
As much as I whine about how I feel
But I knew that I couldn’t escape from all of this pain
As the load becomes heavier with each emotion
I can’t help but wonder if I will ever be go enough
Finally deciding to take a chance
To do the right thing
And look out for me
I chose the pen and the paper
The type writer
A bunch of empty pages
I wish I had a support system that cared
Instead I saw the storm on the horizon approaching
Feeling the droplets of rain on my skin
I went through it by myself
Crying out for someone to rescue me
It felt like I give up on my happiness
I want to write
Write like there’s no tomorrow
Live in world where my imagination and my heart exists
I’m surrounded by negativity
And negative thoughts
Cold hearts turn even more colder than before
The words seem to hurt more than the punches
Laying my head down on a soaking wet pillow
Drowning in this dark space
I am broken to the core

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