The Odd One Out

I grew up amongst the best
But felt like I was the worst
Being the ordinary woman who is average
I blended in with the walls
Constantly observing
Not feeling the need to speak up when something is wrong
I felt like I forced myself into silence
My silence was strong
And my opinion was thrown in the trash
As they just brushed off like nothing’s wrong
I was once someone’s punching bag
Being stuffed in the corner
And it left me broken
I might not have physical scars
But emotionally I’m no longer the same
Having to keep with the masks
I felt like I was losing myself slowly
Eventually I found myself in a dark place
Surrounded by petrified thoughts
This war was beyond me
People had different hopes and dreams for me
It was easy for me to give them a hand
But they wanted the entire arm instead
Choosing other people’s dreams
And taking the things that I wanted for granted
My mind is completely destroyed and dark
I feel like I have forgotten about my own reflection
Craving happiness
I open up to strangers
And shutting the familiar faces out completely
In their eyes I was a fool
An empty tin
That didn’t have a lot to say
Constantly expected to be happy like I was not dealing with challenges
Driving me to the darkest place that I ended up calling home
I needed to escape for a while
But that trip was impossible to find
My soul is tied up
And my thoughts are dark
Dealing with each challenge as it comes
But deep down I just want to be left alone

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