Untitled Poem…

My Rare Work Of Art
That’s is what I see when I look at you
I wish I knew what you were thinking
Or how you will feeling
As your eyes run off into an entirely different world
A world where I’m appreciated for being myself
It has been two months
And I’m surprised you haven’t peace out
Or we haven’t argued to the point where you walk away
I feel scared of getting attached to you
This all seems like it’s too soon
Or maybe I’m still dreaming
Creating you in my head
As I list all the qualities that define you
I realized that I never was true
Instead of always thinking about the good things
I should have thought about the bad
The awkward moments
And the dark moments
Constantly giving you some reassurance
Tears brawl down my face
My heart left with a broken scar
As you reached out to me
Eyes closed tightly
It hits me hard
I imagine the walls falling apart
Hitting the ground
I imagine you at your most vulnerable moment
Putting my arms around you
Or just to smash into you
Looking at this extraordinary man that stands here before me
Realizing how strong he is
I wish I could be strong enough for him when he is feeling weak
We always keep it 💯 with each other
Hoping to never lose this honesty moment with each other
I wish I could say it
Seeing this eye candy has gotten better with time
Just like wine
Getting to know you now
Everything I felt back then
Came back like an adrenaline rush
You called yourself a loser
But in my eyes you are winner
A champion
The Handsomest Martial Art Master Hunk in the entire world
Who stole my heart
And made me smile
For while I was able to travel for more than a mile
To realize that there’s more to what meets the eye

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