The Truth That I Stopped Seeking For…

Sometimes you won’t get me
In fact all the time you never get it
You might claim to know me
And what I’m going through
Dealing with a lot of things
I found it hard to talk to you
Being raised by you
I had to learn how to wear a mask
A mask so no one could ever see me
The real me
My eyes would look like glass to most people
Only a few would know when I’m about explode
We all go through our own problems
But we find it hard to express ourselves
Constantly fighting our own battles at the end of the day
Where we surrounded by people who label us according to what they see
There’s a level of bottled up emotions
You wonder why I shut down or shut you out
I don’t tell you how I feel
Because I was always told that I was wrong
And my emotions were gone at 100 miles/h
My silence spoke volumes to people who claim to care
And people who thought they knew what is better for me
The walls that cover my soul became stronger
I wish I could trade you in
To find something better
But truth is that it’s not easy
As I constantly find myself questioning if I’m meant to be here
If this my life with you in it
Picking up the pieces that build you
I realize that I’ve become you
Biting my tongue
I’m more eager to find the answer to some unanswered questions that I have
Shutting myself down
I feel like I’ve been a robot
Following everyone’s orders
Believing everything I was told
My mind turned into a sponge
Constantly soaked up the things dark that surround me
I realize that the truth is beyond my control
Maybe I’m not gonna find it now
But it will privail eventually

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