Her Hidden Reflection…

Her eyes are like a glass
Staring at your reflection
You were not aware that she was dying
From all the pain
And bottled up emotions
Acting like she doesn’t see what you are going through
Asking if you are okay became her national anthem
Reaching out to you
You did not see that she was trying
Hitting her head against the walls that cover your heart
Instead you turned her down
Like a clown she felt like fool
A joke that only you could see
To you this might be lust
Which could turn into rust
Eventually you could get tired of her
Causing her to wear her head down
Pretending like she doesn’t want to know
But the urge is killing her
Yet she doesn’t show it
A million unanswered questions
And there’s no response
Only silent walls
Sitting in a corner
The room felt cold and dark
She walked away for a while
Afraid that if she tried to talk to you
You might turn into a volcano
At any moment you might explode
Best thing is to put on her mask
And smile
There’s nothing to see
So her silence will speak volumes only you can hear

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