The Unexpected Wait

I wish I could be there
Literally wrap you up in my arms
They’re not as strong as yours
But you feel safe
I want to show up at your house
Seeing you smile from one ear to the other
Getting completely lost in your eyes
I want to hear your voice
The way you speak sound so beautiful to me
To hear you speak
It would feel like the angels are singing a beautiful harmony to me
I want you to confide in me
Maybe that would ease the burden for a while
To see you smile
My entire world would lit up
I would be surrounded by happiness
Happiness that you created by being yourself
I hope my mind captures you
In your most comfortable state of mind
So I can revisit my most recent experience with you
It did not take you that long to earn my trust
And I told you my deepest secret
Thinking that I scared you away
In just a month and few weeks
You became my best friend
My favorite Mc
My favorite Martial Arts Master Handsome Hunk ❤️
I pray that I never lose you
A rare bright light
It’s not everyday that our paths crossed the way ours did
I always saw you as the mysterious man in my poems
But I’m glad that I finally found the name of the man
Who took my breath away few years ago
Looking at you now
You were definitely worth the wait…

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