The Wound That Never Stopped Hurting

You are an amazing person
A true friend
The one that I trusted more than anything else in this world
With you, I felt something that I thought only existed in my poetry
I could escape from the world that hurt me really badly
We spoke every day
Like we were close that you felt completely comfortable around me
There was a point where you had my heart
Made me trust you with my deepest fears
I never thought I’d see the day where you nd I were not talking to each other
Tears rolling down my eyes
I wish I could close my eyes for entire lifetime
I never wake up again
You might not realize it
But I really loved you
And maybe love wasn’t enough to keep you interested
But it kept me loyal to you
Exposing my life to you
I gave you my heart to hold
And cherish no matter what happens between you and I
I was the girl who stayed as much as you pushed me away
Through the storms that life threw at both of us
I just had to remain strong for you
Making a decision not to tell you about my feelings
I decided to bury it under the rug
And act like it never existed
I kept it with you
Constantly wearing the mask that I couldn’t remove it
It was attached to my face
Like your name across my heart
I begin to wonder why didn’t you say Goodbye
All of it hurts at the moment
You were my true friend
The one who held my down
My diary in a human form
I don’t know if I can walk this earth without you by side
Just take it one day at a time they say
But every day feels salt rub on an open wound
It painful as hell

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