The Mystery Man That Came to Life

I remember seeing you in the distance
But what I felt for you was an unexpected instance
As I saw the most handsome man
Looking like a dream
I was scared to talk to you
That I tried to prepare myself in my head to speak to you
But every time I saw you
My mind literally froze
I was tongue tied
That I would regret that I didn’t make the effort for you to notice me
Unexpectedly I walked passed your house
Looking down as I always do afraid to look at other people into their eyes
Something in me said turn to the side for minute
And I saw you sitting at step of the door
With the most amazing smile
My heart melted like hot butter on the stove
Memories of seeing you staring into my face
Start rushing in my mind
And I started smiling with myself
Hoping you were still sitting there but this time waiting for me
As I walked past the second time
I did not want make obvious that I like you
So I turned my head for a second
And you were not there
My heart was torn
But at the same time I was grateful at the opportunity that I got to see you see me
I remember surfing through social pages trying to find you
Seeing your profile
I couldn’t help but add you as a friend
You accepted and made me smile ☺
From a mile away even baby could tell that I was happy
But I never the courage to message you afraid that I would make myself look like a fool
You said hi
And I was literally speechless, confused and scared all at same time
This person that I put on a pedestal
Is granting me a shot to speak to him
That when we spoke in person
I was excited but had to calm myself down
A brief conversation turned into permanent tattoo in my mind
Wishing that I could speak you with no interruptions
Endless conversations and unspoken words
Goodbye wasn’t ready to come out my mouth
That is how much I enjoyed talking to you
As I felt like you spoke to my soul
You wrapped your arm around my shoulders
I wish that I reacted
Fear stood my way
I’m scared of messing things up
And having the girl that held your heart pop out of nowhere
Like a elastic I held my scarred heart back
Staring into your eyes
I was gone with the wind deep in the sky
That you continously went out of your way to make smile
And found a way to live in my mind
Without sweating or trying to hard
To this day I’m not sure why we get along
But I want to be in your life through all the storms
Just to cheer you to the finishing line
That’s been a dream of mine…

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