Impact Of The Mystery Man…

I feel like our paths have crossed before
But that was during another lifetime
Your Personality is different from the ones before you
And for some reason with you, I feel at home
It is like everything I needed
I found in you
I struggle to accept the beauty in the mirror
Always felt like I was ugly at some point
That I was blinded by the negative comments
And it ripped me apart
Always thought maybe it was me
Thinking that I was good enough
The mask eventually came out
Covering the real me
When I met you
There was a moment when you were staring in my eyes
I felt completely flustered,
It felt like you were staring into my soul
Being in your presences changed my life
Opened up my eyes to a world that I felt completely lost in
I was overwhelmed with happiness.
Trust was never my best friend
And love became a long lost friend
That I was mess.
In your arms is where I felt completely safe
And your love satisfied me
My empty cup was filled up
I couldn’t picture life without you
But gravity pulled me to the ground
I found myself falling into the forbidden ocean
Drowning in my circumstances
I felt you that you were distant
Surrounded by fear
Everything from the past started coming up
My life began to flash before my big eyes
I’m not ready to walk away from everything
My heart was placed on lock down
But every time that I think about you
I find myself withering against the emotions that I’m feeling
Wishing that you haven’t said goodbye to me..

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