Ms Fear And Mr Disappointment

From a distance,
Staring into a blank space.
An image appeared in out of nowhere.
A handsome soul,
With the most perfect smile,
And personality that leaves you driving miles away
I reach out my hand to feel if it is real.
Sun-kissed skin,
Soft like the sand on beach,
No lumps or bumps.
Goodness Gracious,
I begin to think if I’m not dreaming.
My hands travels down to your arms.
Walking around with my fingers.
Feeling chills down my spine.
Tempted to open my eyes,
And realize that maybe I’m dreaming.
But I do not want my heart to fall apart from the gravity that holds it.
I begin to feel this soul looking for me.
As I feel arm next to mine.
Like a piece of heart searching for it’s other half.
This hand begins enclosing over mine,
I look up trying to find the windows that completes this home.
Tears roll down my eyes.
Like an avalanche.
I’m scared to put my heart in these arms.
My mind flashbacks to the day I said to being with someone.
I remember how I felt when the truth came out.
Clearly I was nothing.
But an incubator.
My heart torn apart,
Fear surrounds me even more.
I hope that stays for eternity.
But only God knows,
I put it out there.
And aim high,
In order to take a chance.
With my fingers crossed behind my back,
I can feel my heart racing.
I think I like this image.
But I’m not sure if you feels the same way.
On the edge of the mountain.
That how I feel like.
As I free fall with no safety cables,
Taking this leap of faith,
I pray that you say yes.

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