How long would I have to wait
Or should I just keep quiet
And allow you to find the answer to this war that you are currently embarking on…
Hours turn into days
Days turn into weeks
Weeks turn into months
Months turn into years
And every time that I feel like I am close
There’s always something that pulls me back a 1000 steps
I feel like the future has endless possibilities
Only you and I can jump into the forbidden ocean
To see what we can do just the two of us
With my hand held out to you
I feel like I want to show you moral support
But it’s not enough
I stare into your eyes
The tears start coming up of nowhere
I’m not sure if I can hold them back treat them like an elastic band
Maybe you see this as a crazy
But there are some days where I wish you could see things through my eyes
I feel alone
The world has turned against me
Like an unexpected storm
I didn’t see it coming
There are days where I feel like leaving the ring
And ripping all the dreams off the walls
My heart is on the line
And clearly only I understand how much this victory means to me
I’m scared
Cause every thing is hanging on a thread
I could lose everything
Or win this war

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