The Answer Deep Within…

I don’t have anyone in my corner
No one to back me up
And say that they see what I see in you
Johannesburg to Durban is far
I feel like a loner
But I can’t go through with it anymore
Making this deal that I promise my heart
The happiness was real
The love is genuine
Yes, you can can say it’s true
With all the takes that I have wasted
Know that I tried
To recreate our story with a different character
But I can’t
Maybe I’m failure
It was draining
As I experienced all those episodes
Everyone just watched as I fought for my life
But very few people helped me
No one got to core
I needed you
And this time is was real
With my life hanging on a thread
I knew it could go either way
Back to drawing board
I see that I’m out of ideas
And time is clearly not on my side
As the sand moves down to the bottom of the hourglass
I realized that my projected time has come to an end
No matter how many times I try to shoot my shot
The ultimate question is will I score or will I fail to shoot through the hop
Through the net
Will I be able to pass through all the defenders that are defending your heart
Will you give me a chance once I have broken through the walls where you hide your reflection??
The chains have broken
And the cage is unlocked
You can choose to leave me alone
Or fight this war with me
Heads Or Tails
Only you know how the story goes…


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