A Moment Of Reflection…

I need a moment alone to get myself together
To think about everything that happened
Sitting on this rock
And staring at this unforgettable view
My mind flashbacks to the day I met you
I don’t know why
But I can’t seem to find a way to make it go away
You can call me crazy
A psychic for being so crazy
But you don’t understand how I feel
If you could take a moment in my shoes
Take my heart
And put it in your chest
You would understand the beat that my organ makes when you around
Your voice sounds like a beautiful melody
I want to listen to on repeat
Tears roll down my face
I wish you could see yourself the way I truly see you
Realize that this love is genuine and real
Not based on just looks
But on the beauty that’s within
Staring at your reflection with my mirror
They would highlight the bad about you
But I would look past that
Unknown voices would say to walk away
But no one knows how I feel about you
The Mystery Man in the distance
Just open your heart
And accept the unspoken truth
How much love I have for you…
Take the moment to walk this road with me
Cover me up from silver bullets
And me and you would be good…

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