Words That I Cannot Tell you In Person…

I wish I could love this place again
And find a reason to stay
Move from one city to another
Seek stability and happiness
Get the comfort when I need most
Feel the warmth of the beautiful sun
Take in the air of the wonderful sea
Surrounded by a million bad comments
I wish you could take a moment in my shoes
Feel the type of emotions that I’ve been forced to bottle
Maybe you would understand why I have been wearing a mask
Defending you and our love has been hard
As I count days to you disappointing me
I can’t imagine life without you
But clearly it’s becoming more difficult to think about walking away for good
As they illustrate their version of Mister Perfect
I know that I am in love with image that stands right in front of me
Tears rolling down my face
I wish you could fight for me just like I’m fighting for you…
In this ring alone
My mind starts rewind to where it all started
Memories start flashing right before eyes
All I could see is the way you looked at me that day when we first met
The way you held my hand so that I could not walk away from you
As the car came racing down the road
You held my waist to pull me out of the street
And I felt protected being so close to you
We took a walk to the bar
You held my hand
With our fingers intertwined
You gave me a reason to love this place that I called home
I guess needed you to see me the way you saw me when we first met
Three special words
Every single time that I’ve said it I meant it
But now….
It’s deep and I wish you could say something…

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