Untitled Poem

I wish that you could take a second in my shoes
Look at things from my perspective
For once in your life just understand how I feel
You know my story
From the moment I came into the world
The people that I met
Some that I lost along the way
The people that have used me
My feelings for you are genuine
And it’s not like it’s the first time your heart is capturing such valuable information
I’ve got a bunch of incomplete pictures
Like a puzzle
I’ve tried to put them together through the eyes of someone else
But I can’t sit here
And deny this spoken truth
Constantly reprimanded for telling a lie
I’ve done my time
In the confined space of the heart
Spending a year without having to speak to you
My heart had a wound that only you could heal
Mystery Man in the distance
The love between us is an instant
You complete me
And you just become the missing piece in my heart
Six guys can enter the room
Three on either side
A red carpet is roll out for you
With a crown on your head
You have a special place reserved in my heart
And I want you to be to take your place
Stay for a while
Or for a lifetime
But between you and I
Living in a world surrounded by black and white
I want you to be the color
And love me unconditionally

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